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  • The design and manufacturing processes for Muros Wall Panels are ISO certified:

-   ISO14001 (Environment)
-   ISO9001 (Quality)

low voc’s

  • Muros panels contain Estireno (Polystyrene) as the only Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). The quantity of residual Estireno changes according to time passed from production*.

-   Residual Estireno from manufacture to one week (4.5%)
-   Residual Estireno from manufacture to 3 months (4.0%)
-   Residual Estireno from manufacture to 6 months (3.5%)  

* Figures stated represent approximate data


  • Muros Wall Panels have a long life span. They have been successfully installed and used around the world for over 20 years. Panels are very strong and durable and resistant to water, fire, erosion and ultra-violet rays.


  • Painting Muros Wall Panels is an easy and popular option. The life of panels can be extended by painting or adding creative features over the top of existing panels, thereby maintaining the texture of walls and removing a need to replace them.

green star rating

  • An application for Muros Wall Panels is planned for next year for one Green Star Credit in the Office Interiors - Mat-3 category.

Click here for Panel Benefits and Panel Specifications (includes files in PDF format for downloading). Or click here for an introduction and overview of Muros Wall Panels.

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