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panel benefits, specifications and environment

Muros paneling represents quality and innovative European style. Create or transform any setting for living, learning, working or entertaining. Simply let your imagination flow.

Using latest research and technology Muros wall panel veneers produce a perfect look, colour and texture of natural materials. They bring ideas and visions to life quickly, economically and with spectacular results.

Home and business owners, architects, designers and developers around the world choose Muros panel veneers. Popular styles include stone veneer, brick veneer and concrete veneer. These and more have been applied successfully in a variety of settings for over 20 years:

  • Commercial offices
  • Residential homes
  • Hotels/ Resorts
  • Service businesses
  • Shopping malls/ Retail stores
  • Institutions - schools, universities
  • Promotional events/ Trade shows sets
  • Film/ TV/ Theatre sets
  • Hospitality/ Entertainment - wineries, casinos, pubs/clubs, cinemas, restaurants

To increase your understanding of the Muros wall paneling veneer system and how it can enhance your project, we recommend the following resources.

Specifications Specifications Environments

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