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wall paneling specifications

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Product Name

  • Muros Wall Panels


  • Decorative fibreglass-based panels representing an authentic look, colour, texture and relief of natural materials. Panels are used for a wide range of building applications, primarily walls and ceilings.


  • Over 100 designs created using moulds from real-life environments. Available in stone, brick, rock, wood and concrete. Also available are contemporary styles such as Muros Metallic Weave.


  • A base of natural and mineral pigments, mixed with polyester resin and fibreglass.


  • Designed and used extensively for internal and external* applications

* Muros Wall Panels provide a decorative finish - not a cladding - and have been used successfully for over 20 year in all spaces. Panels are very strong and durable with properties that include resistance to fire, water, erosion and ultra-violet light.


  • Available in flat rectangular wall and ceiling sheets, pillars, beams, arches, corbels, doors and other miscellaneous shapes.


  • Length = 3,300mm, Height = 1,300mm, Depth = 8mm - 40mm, Area = 4.3m²

* Dimensions stated are indicative only and apply to Muros Wall Panels. Dimensions vary between designs. For confirmation of dimensions and details of other panel shapes visit the range page or contact Muros.


  • Panels are lightweight and range between 6kgs - 8kgs per m² or approximately 25kgs - 35kgs per panel (design dependent).


  • Wall and ceiling panels are flexible. Radius (panel curvature) is determined by the design of each panel. Radium range between 90° (thick relief - e.g. Muros Barrelwood) to 180° (thin panels with little relief - e.g. Muros Roughcast Concrete).

ISO Accreditation

  • ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environment) - applies to design and manufacture processes


  • Muros panels contain Estireno (Polystyrene) as the only Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). The quantity of residual Estireno changes according to time passed from production*.

-   Residual Estireno from manufacture to one week (4.5%)**
-   Residual Estireno from manufacture to 3 months (4.0%)
-   Residual Estireno from manufacture to 6 months (3.5%)  

* Figures stated represent approximate data
** Not applicable for due to most shipping times

Fire Rating

  • Muros Wall Panels are fire resistant. In 2013 Muros Wall Panels were tested to latest Australasian fire rating standards: ISO 5660 (NZ) and AS/NZS 3837 (Australia). The wall panels achieved a Group 3 Number Classification rating as reported by BRANZ. In accordance with standard UNE-EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2010, Muros Wall Panels received a B-s3, d0 classification in the new Euroclass Fire Rating. Wall Panels also perform to M1 and M3 fire resistant categories (previous European standard).

Green Star Credits

  • An application is planned next year for one Green Star Credit in the Office Interiors - Mat-3 category.


  • Clean panels using a dust cloth or mild soapy water - DO NOT use solvents.


  • Prior to wall panel installation a sound structure is required to screw (zinc-coated) the panels onto - e.g. Ply/ MDF/ Gib/ Concrete/ Brick wall. Installation creates a seamless design and involves the following steps:

1) Fixing - screw full panels into place
2) Cutting - cut panels to size to fill any areas not already covered in step 1
3) Sealing - using mastic (soft putty) cover screws and fill the spaces between panels
4) Texturing - texture mastic to ensure a consistent design and relief between panels
5) Colouring - paint mastic to ensure a consistent colour and shade between panels


  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty*

* Warranty applies when panels are used for their intended purpose and installed correctly.

Click here for Panel Benefits and Environmental Properties (includes files in PDF format for downloading). Or click here for an introduction and overview of Muros Wall Panels.

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