From a devastated Christchurch earthquake hit property, a Cashmere family has built a new contemporary home, incorporating Muros brickworks, at the base of the Port Hills.

With a loft style/ commercial conversion aesthetic in mind, Muros Rustic Loft Brick takes centre stage in the open living space, creating an inviting family space with rustic walls, warmth, solidity and character.

Featured in Abode Magazine, this rebuild is certainly a stunning showcase of clever design, innovative products and creative applications. The vision and commitment was to bring old warehouse texture (exposed brickworks and concrete) into the kitchen build and integrate with modern design/ furnishings. And to achieve this in a light and contemporary fashion the owners have the mark.

Muros Rustic Loft Brick for Residential Kitchen

Having set their sights on a modern home with substance and texture, Muros Wall Panels offered an exciting solution. Projecting the authentic imperfections and appearance of aged brickworks, the floor-to-ceiling paneling in the open plan living/ kitchen instantly achieves a three-dimensional (3D) result that brings the walls to life.

Moulds are taken from real life walls in Europe, from which handmade and authentic Muros Wall Panels are created. Therefore the brickworks design features cracks, uneven bricks shapes and alignment, and brick and mortar texture that is both smooth and rough throughout the large 4m² wall panel. What’s more, the bricks are imperfect with nicks, chips, and elements of natural wear found in established brick walls. The subtle eight colour variations within the panel also add to the aged effect.

In addition, installed brickworks panels onto a high kitchen stud in an earthquake region meant the lightweight nature of wall panels was important.

The end result is a stunning tactile dimension to a space. Above all, despite being new….it feels like a home! We hope the Munro family has many years of happy memories there to come.

Brickworks style wall panels by Muros are in stock and available. Contact us today to discuss your project and kitchen design.

Muros Rustic Loft Brick for Residential Kitchen
Rustic Loft Brick for Residential Kitchen Fireplace in Canterbury