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how to use muros

Muros Wall Panels allow you to create or transform any space quickly, efficiently and with great results. Paneling is supplied ready for installation in the colours displayed for each design. Due to their lightweight and flexible fibreglass construction fitting is completed with little mess and in minimal time.

Installation involves mechanical (screw) fixing panels into place. And then application of supplied install materials to create a seamless finish. The thin and flexible veneer wall panels are easily cut and can be quickly fitted to any specification and location.

Furthermore, panel weight is rarely an issue, meaning building engineer reports or strengthening work are not required for safety and structural compliance. The result is an economic three-dimensional raised relief that will ‘bring walls to life’.


Ready to go! Follow the step-by-step process outlined. Over 80% of installations are completed by first-time installers. Muros supports the installation process with advice sheets, video and reference images. Our easy-to-handle panels are manufactured with a lightweight fibreglass base, designed to be cut and jointed for install on walls, around corners, columns and cabinetry.
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Achieve the desired look and feel of natural aged materials using the large handmade Muros Wall Panels.
Create your vision of character filled grandeur or contemporary excitement with the designs and colours available. Or Muros offers a practical and textured canvas to add your personal flare and bespoke vision using paint, plaster or promotional pictures.
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Our step-by-step detailed guides help you get the job done right, first time. And to continue enjoying a high quality Muros finish for many years with appropriate care and maintenance.
Installation is recommended by experienced and capable builders, joiners, tilers and shopfitters, and Muros supports the installation process.
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