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Products must comply to building standards, meet product integrity for use and environment, as well as deliver the desired aesthetic finish. Here is everything you need to know about our high-quality Muros Wall Panels including industry-approved certification, technical information and easy-to-follow install guidelines.


Specifying Muros is easy. Correct specification by architects and designers is based on accurate information and trust. Muros works closely with clients, installers and project managers to guide and answer technical questions. On architectural plans state:
Muros Wall Panels – Install to supplier guidelines

Manufactured in Europe, Muros has been successfully used worldwide for over 30 years.
Panels have been regularly tested for properties that include resistance to fire, water, erosion, heat, aging and ultra-violet (UV) light. Muros comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty (internal) and 5-year manufacturer’s warranty (external).

Muros Wall Panels are proven, authentic and straightforward to install in a range of applications. Muros supports the installation process with detailed guides. We also provide information to help finish and maintain your wall panels for years of enjoyment. If answers to your questions are not provided below, please contact us to discuss your project.