Creating a cosy home is at the forefront of our minds now we are spending more time indoors stoking up the fire. What better place to start than the centre point of our living space…the fireplace wall! Normally only a small investment is needed (two Muros Wall Panels make up a standard fireplace order) which can be installed over two days. Once completed Muros can easily transform a fireplace into a feature wall of the home – one which serves as a centre piece to warming up our winters.

Fireplace functionality is paramount of course. Another important element is the warmth created by the surrounding aesthetic, the ‘fireplace feature wall’. Fireplace wall design and fireplace surrounds are growing in popularity, boosted by increasing style, sophistication and convenience of gas fireplaces. What’s more, the textured fireplace surround can express character, personality and set the tone for the family room.

roughcast concrete wall for fireplace - muros

When searching for living room design ideas, the fireplace wall seems like the ideal place to start to enhance home living. In addition a fireplace can increase the value to a property. Homeowners often search for the ‘best quality’ fireplace without regard to the ‘best quality’ fireplace wall. Let’s face it, painted walls will never make a fireplace ‘pop’, like a textured wall surround can. 

Faux brick, stone veneer and exposed concrete panels are all popular choices for fireplace wall projects. The three-dimensional relief adds authenticity, as well as the opportunity to run light and shadows across the textured wall.

If it’s a character fireplace wall design, or a contemporary fireplace surround you are seeking, there is a Muros style and colour to suit all tastes and décor. Muros designs range from traditional schist walls and stonework, to modern imitation classic brick and concrete board panels for a more sleek urban finish.

Muros Wall Panels are regularly installed around gas fireplaces and behind freestanding fireboxes. For decades our decorative wall panels have been used safely near appropriate wood and gas fires, in both modern and established homes. The natural panel texture perfectly complements the heat and ambience produced by a fire.

We have over 10 years experience supplying fireplace projects for over 10 years. Contact us to discuss your fireplace project.

Installation Guidelines for Fireplaces

Guidelines on fireplace use of Muros Wall Panels and more examples of fireplace projects can be viewed on the Muros website. We recommend they are viewed to help decision-making and planning.

Muros Wall Panels are able to be framed around individual specifications.  Whether it’s a three-sided return or a large fireplace column, anything is achievable with the flexibility of fibreglass based panels.

Muros installation involves cutting and fitting panels, jointing, and touch-up painting to create wall facades and frame fireplaces and mounted television sets. Furthermore, the lightweight veneer panels are easy to maneuver around often fiddly small areas with attention to detail.

In 2013 Muros Wall Panels were tested to latest Australasian fire rating standards: ISO 5660 (NZ) and AS/NZS 3837 (Australia). The wall panels achieved a Group 3 Number Classification rating as reported by BRANZ. Wall panels can also be supplied in the highest fire rating standard, Group 1, on request.

Keep in mind that whilst Muros Wall Panels are robust and fire resistant, they are not designed to withstand strong, direct or constant heat.  A fireplace surround or flange should be installed around the fireplace. It serves two purposes:

  1. Allow Muros Wall Panels to achieve a tidy finish on the panel edge – either directly into the surround or ideally tucked in behind it approximately 15mm.
  2. Provide a degree of separation from heat source and installed panels.

Further an appropriate fire-retardant substrate is to be used and a check prior to installation with your fireplace supplier and local council is recommended to provide certainty on the installation materials, process, finishing and compliance approval.

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