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by muros

Architects, interior designers and home owners working on a new-build or refurbishment project are thrilled to see their home décor ideas come to life with Muros Wall Panels. From a range that includes more than 100 handmade panel designs, you can easily create the ambience that suits your vision… whether an industrial concrete stairway, traditional stone fireplace, Queenstown-style schist outdoor fence, London brick wine cellar, railway sleepers feature wall or a contemporary New York-style apartment. Options are limited only by imagination. View the Muros Residential Lookbook.

Installation by your professional builder is straightforward. The large panels are designed to be installed quickly and efficiently with the design running from one panel to the next. Muros Wall Panels can be curved when necessary and fixed to any surface, ideally 18mm Ply or MDF. Cutting and drilling can be completed on site, with the supplied soft putty and touch-up paint used to create a seamless finish for your wall. For new or renovation projects, construction permits, engineering reports and strengthening are not normally required. The lightweight wall panels are simply screwed into new or existing walls/ substrates, and offer a decorative finish not a cladding.

Our panels are made using a fibreglass base mixed with natural materials. A process that results in authentic-looking end products that are fire resistant, simple to maintain, highly durable and versatile for any area of your home.