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We care about your safety and our environment. That’s why our Muros Wall Panels are certified to meet and exceed NZ, AU and US fire safety standards in addition to being ISO14001 Environment and ISO9001 Quality accredited.

Branz Fire Rating Report
    Muros Wall Panels are fire resistant. Materials are manufactured in M1 and M3 categories. M1 means products are practically inflammable (i.e. they do not give off flammable gases and have very low flame spread with minimum size and persistence). M3 products contain some material with medium-rated flammability.

In 2013 Muros Wall Panels will be submitted to the new Euro-Class and USA ASTM E 84 certification levels.
From 2015 Muros expects panels constructed to M0 (non-combustible) certification level.

  • *Ratings based on European accreditation by Laboratoire National D’Essais (LNE) – AS-1503 certification is planned for 2014
ISO Accreditation and Voc's
  • The design and manufacturing processes for Muros Wall Panels are ISO certified:
    -ISO14001 (Environment)
    -ISO9001 (Quality)
  • Muros panels contain Estireno (Polystyrene) as the only Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). The quantity of residual Estireno changes according to time passed from production*.
    • Residual Estireno from manufacture to one week (4.5%)
    • Residual Estireno from manufacture to 3 months (4.0%)
    • Residual Estireno from manufacture to 6 months (3.5%)
      * Figures stated represent approximate data



Muros Wall Panel design and manufacture processes have been operating successfully for over 25 years and are accredited with ISO9001 (Quality). All Muros Wall Panels carry a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for internal use* when installed and maintained correctly according to Supplier Recommendations. External use also carries a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty*

however there are a number of exclusions including colour and locality to heat, UV, sea and weather elements that may lead to deterioration of panels/ colour fade over time.* Warranty applies when panels have been installed correctly, are used for their intended decorative purpose and maintained properly.