Muros was delighted to help Christchurch residents discover a silver lining to their rebuild dramas with innovative home decor featuring a new wood wall panel design.

Here, Muros Black Wedgewood offers a stunning new visual perspective to the entrance of a modern Papanui home. The new 3D Wedgewood range was selected to work within set specifications and to complement the chic décor and design of the newly renovated home.

In assessing the earthquake damage and undertaking repairs, the home owners saw an opportunity to upscale their Christchurch home. They were looking for a natural wood wall panel style that would work in a limited space, down a set of stairs. In addition, the paneling would need to be easily cut on angles (for the stairs) and installed on multiple wall faces.

indoor stairs wedgewood wall panel - muros
Building strength in an earthquake zone

For an earthquake zone the wall texture needed to be strong, but lightweight to the minimise risk from further shakes and earth movement. Another consideration was durability for feature walls installed along a residential hallway and stairs. Fortunately, the light and flexible, yet resilient Muros Wall Panels were able to achieve all this and more.

Understanding the space

The entry to the home had a large light open-architectural layout. It was the obvious location to make a bold statement. In addition, well-placed downlighting would play over the wood panel relief along the hallway. Looking for that ‘wow’ factor to line the walls, interest was sparked in the new Muros Black Wedgewood design with its long, thin layers of irregular-shaped, weathered ‘wood’.

Project fulfillment

The wood wall panel design was newly released from Europe and only available as a sample (provided to the client). Muros was able to quantify the project and supply required wall panels to meet the build timeframe.

wooden wall panel interior - muros

The Muros Wedgewood 3D wall panels were neatly installed along the entrance hallway, around a sharp ‘arrow head’ corner and up the side of a two-storey staircase. As a result, installation challenges included a staircase with banister and around a tight ‘hair-pin’ corner. Both were negotiated using the versatile Muros Wall Panels. For instance, the jagged style of tightly-packed wood segments cleverly created an illusion of depth while achieving the necessary space-saving.

About Muros Wedgewood

The Muros Wedgewood range is the latest contemporary wood wall panel design from Muros. It features natural wood grain texture, rough-sawn edges, aged timber (and the occasional knot). In addition to black, the range is available in anthracite, earth, brown, hazel and bone colours. Panels dimensions: 2,320mm(w) x 1,350mm(h) x 30mm(d)