As the upmarket apartment sector gains traction, so too has a resurgence of the classic ‘New York loft style’ design in renovation projects. Not surprising, the Muros Loft Brick veneer range is a natural choice for quality apartment conversions. For luxury apartments or cosy inner city pads, a brick veneer finish in a range of colours can complete the look.

Light fresh colour palettes and contemporary fittings set across a textured loft brick veneer wall cleverly combine modern + funky with character + established warmth. Aims may be to create an appealing abode with a historic connection or simply transforming properties to yield better sale or rental returns. The New York-style loft is in vogue and achieved with ease using Muros Loft Brick veneer panels.

Growth in inner city apartments

With increasing population and intensification in our main urban centres, construction and redevelopment of apartments is significant. Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington CBDs are vibrant city centres. They attract more home dwellers into apartment living from their suburban roots. The result is increasing conversions of former industrial or heritage buildings for residential use. City streets with a residential feel are the vision for the future, much like the Big Apple!

Veneer solutions for apartment renovation

Apartment conversion projects can present challenges. They include restricted access, limited space, high studs and neighbours nearby to consider. Furthermore, multi-storey apartments are often restricted by seismic/ earthquake or weight concerns not suited to many solid weighty natural materials traditionally used, such as brick.

As a result the solution requires flexible and lightweight decorative veneer panels and design materials without the weight and loss of space. Muros Wall Panels are thin and easy to cut to size therefore no structural work or building compliance consents are required. Once installed, the joints are concealed creating the impression of a seamless and authentic brick veneer wall.

Profiled apartment projects

These reasons together with the thin brick profile of the Muros brick veneer panels (15-20mm) were key factors in recent specifications. As a result Muros Brown Loft Brick was chosen for the historic QVB Building and Muros White Loft Brick in The Met Apartments and The Artisan Apartments. The natural imitation brick finish and texture achieved a striking visual connection to historic origins of the old buildings. And loft brick added an established ambiance in the new-build Artisan Apartment in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.

Entire walls of floor-to-ceiling brick veneer paneling were installed. And they featured around three-sided columns and windows. The final results added grandeur, depth and character. Muros Wall Panels further accentuated the soaring stud height to enhance a feeling of spaciousness in apartment living.

Brick veneer wall panels are for sale directly from Muros International.