General trend in kitchen design is a move away from pure stark modernism, towards a more layered look that mixes traditional and modern elements. Tactile elements, like Muros textured wall panels, give the kitchen/living the warmth to make this space an inviting hub in any home.

Whether the kitchen brief is cottage style or chic urban or a combination of both…transform an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary space with decorative Muros Wall Panels. In authentic brick, concrete, stone or wood designs, Muros can be used on kitchen walls, splash-backs and counter-fronts. The panels provide both a durable and distinctive finish in the busiest room of the house, making it an economical investment to enjoy for many years.

modern kitchen brick decor wall panel - muros
PANEL DESIGN: Muros Terracotta Classic Brick

Taking pride of place in Kiwi homes, today’s kitchen flows to open plan living for casual dining and easy entertaining. Kitchens are a natural hub that need to be both welcoming and multi-functional. A textured wall creates a mood that traditional one-dimensional painted and tiled kitchen walls simply can’t achieve. The mood? Your choice – funky, homely, laid back or edgy upscale – with over 100 Muros designs/colour options, most visions can be realised.

Leading kitchen retailers choose Muros Wall Panels in their showrooms to best showcase their products in real-life kitchen settings. Often profiling shiny and sleek products in neutral palettes, the clean smooth shiny features contrast perfectly against the raw textured backdrop of Muros walls. Muros are proud suppliers to Panasonic, Blum and Matisse over recent years. The Panasonic Highbrook showroom for example, draws in kitchen designers and customers with its sleek new design and fully-functional kitchen. A combination of polished concrete floors, white cabinetry, light wood benches, low hanging pendants and stainless steel benchtops are set against an industrial backdrop of exposed Muros Roughcast Concrete walls – creating an appealing modern urban aesthetic.

PANEL DESIGN: Muros Grey Roughcast Concrete

If it’s a more rustic charm or loft style conversion you have in mind, Muros Rustic Loft Brick takes centre stage in the kitchen/living space of a special Canterbury home (photographed). The vision and commitment to bring old warehouse texture (exposed brick and concrete) into the kitchen build and integrate with modern design/ furnishings in a light and contemporary fashion has created an inviting family space with warmth, solidity and character. Projecting the authentic imperfections and appearance of aged brick, the floor-to-ceiling paneling in the open plan living/ kitchen instantly achieves a three-dimensional (3D) result that brings the walls to life.

PANEL DESIGN: Muros Rustic Loft Brick

Muros has been installed in residential New Zealand for a decade, creating a point of difference. Further, the versatility and flexibility of fibre-glass based panels mean the lightweight panels can be easily cut for installation on and around any wall surface, including breakfast bars, splash-backs or wall-mounted cabinetry. While Muros Wall Panels are robust and fire resistant they should not be subjected to direct and constant heat (as would apply to any wall covering). For long term care and maintenance, Muros recommends using a matt wall sealant applied to the installed panels. The sealant is used as an invisible shield to assist with cleaning and maintenance over textured surfaces.

modern kitchen grey stone 3m wall panel - muros
PANEL DESIGN: Muros Grey Roughcast Concrete