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Sophisticated and authentic-looking decorative wall panels can be added to your entrance foyer or stairwell at any stage to add drama – and that all-important first impression.

The front entrance foyer of your home sets the tone for the rest of your living space. It is where your guests are welcomed, have their first taste of your home’s personality, and is something that will have a lasting impression on them.

Would you prefer this space to convey an elegant or rustic aesthetic? Or perhaps you lean more towards the concrete industrial look? Or maybe you like a traditional, classic style?

Putting thought into this area is often neglected or overlooked. Done well, it will allow you to create a dramatic space that is eye-catching and memorable, whether that is a floor-to-ceiling feature between multi-storey levels or a consistent inside/outside flow. With the addition of Muros wall panels, achieving this need not be complicated or require major structural changes to your home.

Muros NZ has spent the last ten years bringing walls to life with its beautiful European-made decorative panels. These are ideal for use on the interior and exterior* of residential houses and commercial buildings—on walls, ceilings, counters, or to clad columns.

The fibreglass decorative panels are handmade in Europe. The manufacturer is a private family-owned company that has built up a strong global reputation over the past 25 years. During that time, it has developed a range of special moulds, which, in many cases, have been lifted from real-life walls. The result is panels that exhibit character, appearance, ‘rawness’, texture and depth of the original concrete, brick, stone or wood surfaces.

Muros NZ Director Sejal Blackler says the wall panels are all artisan hand-made rather than mass-produced, and designed to have a three-dimensional relief finish.

Muros' roughcast concrete wall panels by a staircase in an Auckland property

Roughcast Concrete wall panels by Muros showcase the subtle rawness of concrete.

Muros: create a dramatic statement in your home

With the extensive Muros range of veneered panels, you can easily create a unique ambience and first impression in your home—whether it’s with the Roughcast Concrete for a raw, industrial style; Loft Brick to recreate a contemporary New York apartment; Wedgewood for a modern, edgy reclaimed wood look; or Strata or Schist Stone to provide a traditional, cosy Queenstown vibe.

And, if the colour of the panel isn’t quite right for your interior décor, then it is a straightforward job to paint (spray or soft roll) or stain it to match your existing colour scheme. It can even have paint, plaster or cement applied to age or accentuate it for a distinctive, creative effect. Because the panels are made from fibreglass, they are a lightweight and flexible decorative feature, rather than being a heavy, structural element, so no building consents are required to install them.

As well as creating a dramatic impact, they are hard wearing and durable, making them well-suited to being used in high traffic areas such as entrance halls and stairwells. Wall panels are supplied in large sizes that can be fitted together like a jigsaw to cover walls of any size or shape.

The fibreglass panels are designed to be cut and jointed with ease, so they can be fitted around windows, doors, corners, columns, bookcases and fireplaces. Installation materials such as adhesives and paints are provided with the panels to ensure joins are seamless and invisible.A professional builder or tiler can carry out installation, or an experienced Muros installer can be used for more complex or large projects.

Wooden sleeper wall panels by Muros NZ can give the area around the staircase a great rustic look

Wooden Sleepers wall panels offer a rustic look (in warm bone colour)

Muros: a dash of artistry creates the vital extra element

“The finishing is really important,” says Sejal, “so Muros provides technical advice, videos and guide sheets to ensure your builder installs the panels correctly to create that seamless finish.”

“Our panels have quite a few advantages over natural materials, which can be expensive, messy, labour-intensive and time-consuming to install. We carry large stock quantities here, so we normally have stock on hand when needed.”

“And because it is decorative and not structural, architects, designers and homeowners can make a final decision and order it at any time in the building process. It doesn’t have to be ordered early or incorporated in the consent plans. However, with the international supply chain congestion, we recommend placing orders early to secure stock.”

Panels are all backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty (internal use) and have proven resistant to water, fire and UV. Muros can supply the panels for projects throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

View the range of wall panels from Muros to create a unique look and dramatic first impression for the entrance or stairwell in your next project, or upgrade to an existing space.

Muros Wedgewood is a modern wood veneer with a natural ‘jagged' style weathered wood-grain texture, perfect for your NZ home or office space

Muros Wedgewood is a modern wood veneer with a natural ‘jagged’ style weathered wood-grain texture. Available in six colours, from Black to Bone and various natural timber shades in between.