Concrete has long been considered the preferred choice in construction and design. Initial appeal was for its structural qualities and now more than ever its design aesthetic. Concrete offers a range of benefits to the design industry: the vision may be a raw cool industrial edge or an uncomplicated stylish modern look – like that easily achieved with Muros Polished Concrete wall panels.

The raw material honesty and drama of exposed concrete has always impressed. Then factor in the superior durability and performance of concrete, and it is not surprising why it is such a popular solution for retail, commercial and office fit-outs. However, technology has now advanced from original in-situ concrete walls to moulded precast concrete, shuttered or form-work concrete, honed concrete and now authentic ‘concrete wall panels’.

Today we are fortunate to have a choice of products alongside the solid durable finish of real concrete. For instance, texture and flexibility of concrete is available in various forms – from rough to polished concrete wall decorative finishes.

Design versatility can be achieved easily with the use of concrete for walls, ceilings, columns, counters and fake cladding. The possibilities are endless – whether its moulded shapes, depth or patterns – available in a diverse range of compositions, finishes and performance characteristics. Muros Polished Concrete provides a novel design option when seeking a distinctive sophisticated appeal but without the glossy finish.

Muros Polished Concrete wall panels are constructed from a durable fibreglass-base and are proven over 25 years. The panels authentically recreate the look and feel of a modern ‘urban’ polished concrete wall finish. What’s more, this is achieved without the weight or expense of the multi-step process of mechanical polishing and grinding inherent in traditional polished concrete.

Used horizontally or vertically Muros Polished Concrete Panels offer a uniform concrete look with symmetrical lines running throughout. The smooth grey panel is divided into five equal individual sections, synonymous with the style of Japanese architect, Tadao Ando.

The flat sections are separated by deep grooves and each containing two circular indentations creating a eye-catching feature. The panel surface is a smooth matt concrete but with some aged undulations and mild pitting to create an authentic finish. Should a different colour be desired, simply apply a light coat of your selected paint (using HPLV or soft roll).

workspace grey polished concrete wall panel- muros

Given its structured format, the Muros Polished Concrete design is more suited to large scale surfaces. Column installation is also achievable and impactful. The smooth concrete finish provides an alternative to the Muros exposed and form-work concrete range – Muros Roughcast Concrete and Muros Concrete Boards respectively.

Create dramatic entrances, stairwells, workspaces, reception areas or exterior facades with Muros. Concrete designs are available in two tones — a cool Grey and a new Rust (oxidised/ corroded) colour.