Muros helps designers create commercial fit-outs with a distinctive and branded reception desk to greet their customers. In the new Covid-19 world physical distancing is now a workplace reality. Making the reception counter a feature to welcome visitors and customers, as well as provide a natural barrier. Functional and safe working distances for both staff and visitors is the new norm.

First impressions count

Designing a contemporary textured reception desk is a key design feature for many workplaces. It is an opportunity to create a strong first impression. What’s more quality design makes a statement about a company, its people, brand and ethos. The traditional ‘meet and greet’ at the workplace reception desk is one of the first evaluations formed by visitors about your business. Therefore making reception desk and design an important backdrop to create a positive lasting impression of your organisation.

Health and safety

In today’s new health-conscious world reception counters play an important role to provide ‘separation’ and correct social distancing. And for those who operate an open workspace or shared office facility, separation from their free flowing office design is particularly important. It helps protect the health of employees and contractors, as well as complying with social and legal requirements to operate responsibly.

Versatility of concrete and wood panels

Super versatile modern concrete and traditional wood are materials known for their ability to stand out in the most unusual ways.

A timber wood veneer in the style of wooden sleepers was selected for the new Halo store in Auckland, NZ. The rugged Muros Black Wooden Sleepers panel design was used to line the large reception desk front and returns. Together with high leather bar seating and chandelier lighting, it creates a glamorous and unique reception to their upmarket furniture offering.

For reception desks, modern concrete and traditional wood can create looks as varied as ‘established’, sleek and stylish, sophisticated or even rustic. Of course, it depends on the look you want to achieve. The team at Piccolo Architecture encompassed it all by specifying Muros Roughcast Concrete for the Melbourne McGrath office fit-out.

Panels in the horizontal format were applied to multiple faces of a bespoke reception desk. In addition, the vertical style of Muros Roughcast Concrete was installed seamlessly on cupboard doors that made up the reception feature wall. As well as providing design aesthetic, behind the thin and lightweight panels were concealed cupboards used for stationery, and accessed by push-release latches. Smart and functional design!

The result is a sleek uncluttered look utilising exposed concrete against natural wooden floors and planter box, and raw black steel supports/detailing.

Reception desk a branding opportunity

Focusing on the reception desk during office design can differentiate a company’s offering. The result sets it apart from its competition by creating a novel concept that encompasses the organisation’s brand. Many choose to use their main office desk to mount signage – business name and/or logo – to further accentuate their brand.

The Fit Out Company did just that with the Harrison & Matthews optometrist store fit-out last year. The main reception desk was covered with Muros Roughcast Concrete wall panels, an exposed concrete panel design. Painted white after installation, the panels formed a perfect contrast for black iron signage to be mounted. Muros wall panelling allows any fixture to be successfully mounted on its surface by easily screwing through the panels into the substrate behind.

The character wall façade installed on the reception desk was so effective it was extended to cover surrounding walls and columns to showcase their products on bespoke concrete shelves. The versatility and adaptability for small spaces was also considered for selection.

With a thin relief, Muros fibreglass-based decorative wall panels are designed to be cut and jointed for multiple spaces. Joints were made to look seamless using installation materials provided. The finish featured the formwork concrete panels ‘wrapping around’ corners and angles on the concrete columns, counter and feature wall behind.

Dynamic wall façade reception backdrop

Unlike its handmade natural wall facades, Muros recently offered another economic and easy alternative for the DIY wall décor market. 3D wall panels from the Magnolia range offer a modern and clean reception area design. The smaller dimensions – 833mm x 833mm – of the upmarket ‘wall tile’ mean it is easily handled and fixed quickly using adhesive.

Equally important the continuous three-dimension relief inherent in the symmetrical designs is not compromised. In this example the Magnolia Thailand style in Jasmine Rice (White) colour forms a striking modern backdrop, while the reception desk design is kept ‘clean’ and simple. Overall achieving a perfect balance.

office 3d wall panel - muros