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Correct specification is based on accurate information and trust. Products must be fit for purpose: comply to building standards, meet product integrity for use and environment, as well as deliver the desired aesthetic finish. Muros is proven for over 25 years. Information for specifying is outlined below or use the Muros Product Technical Sheet. On architectural plans state: Muros Wall Panels – Install to supplier guidelines CONTACT US


Decorative fibreglass-based veneer panels representing an authentic texture, relief and colour of natural materials.
Panels are used for a wide range of building applications, primarily walls, ceilings, beams and columns.
Over 100 designs created using moulds from natural materials in real-life environments. Available in stone, brick, rock, wood and concrete reliefs.
Also available in contemporary styles such as the new modular Magnolia 3D Panel range.
Muros Wall Panels are constructed from a base of natural and mineral pigments, mixed with polyester resin and fiberglass. Construction has been perfected over 25 years.
Magnolia 3D Panels are constructed from SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound), a strong and lightweight material used in automotive and health industries.
Designed and used extensively for internal and external* applications, such as walls, ceilings, beams and columns. Panels are very strong and durable with properties that include resistance to fire, water, erosion and ultra-violet (UV) light.
Click here to view example projects featuring Muros Wall Panels. * Muros Wall Panels provide a decorative finish – not a cladding – and have been used successfully for over 25 year in all spaces.
Muros Wall Panels are available in flat rectangular sheets for walls, ceilings and columns. Wooden beams are supplied in long u-shaped three-sided beams.
Magnolia 3D Panels are supplied in 830mm x 830mm tiles. Magnolia is supplied in boxes each containing four panels (or three panels for the deeper relief Magnolia Komodo).
Muros Wall Panels are larger than traditional building products. Typical panel dimensions: Width……….3,300mm Height………1,300mm Depth……….8mm – 45mm (varies by design) Area…………4.3m² Dimensions are indicative only vary by design. To confirm dimensions and details of a specific style view the Products page or contact Muros.
Magnolia are square tiles with the following panel dimensions: Width……….830mm Height………830mm Depth……….60mm Area…………0.8m²
Muros Wall Panels are lightweight and range between 6kgs – 8kgs per m² or 25kgs -35kgs per panel (varies by design).
Magnolia 3D panels are each 4kgs in weight.
Wall and ceiling panels are flexible. Radius (panel curvature) is determined by the design of each panel. Radium range between 90° (thick relief – e.g. Muros Barrelwood)
to 180° (thin panels with little relief – e.g. Muros Roughcast Concrete).
ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environment).
Applies to design and manufacture processes.
Muros panels contain Estireno (Polystyrene) as the only Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). The quantity of residual Estireno changes according to time passed from production*.
    • Residual Estireno from manufacture to 3 months (4.0%)
      • Residual Estireno from manufacture to 6 months (3.5%)
* Figures stated represent approximate data ** Not applicable for due to most shipping times
Muros Wall Panels are fire resistant. In 2013 Muros Wall Panels were tested to latest Australasian fire rating standards: ISO 5660 (NZ) and AS/NZS 3837 (Australia). The wall panels achieved a Group 3 Number Classification rating as reported by BRANZ.
In accordance with standard UNE-EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2010, Muros Wall Panels received a B-s3, d0 classification in the new Euroclass Fire Rating. Wall Panels also perform to M1 and M3 fire resistant categories (previous European standard).
  • An application is planned next year for one Green Star Credit in the Office Interiors – Mat-3 category
OVERVIEW Muros Wall Panels are strong and robust and have been successfully installed in both internal and external spaces around the world for over 25 years. Muros is regularly used in areas of high foot-traffic and activity, such as hallway, stairway, retail and hospitality spaces. Following installation, wall surfaces may be subjected to dust, spills, knocks, marking and moisture. These guidelines are designed to assist with protecting, cleaning and maintaining your Muros wall in the best possible condition. Please adhere to these instructions. PROTECTION (Optional) Application: In areas where moisture may be present, such as bathrooms, pools and kitchens, or where there is a likelihood of panels being subjected to foreign matter, such as food, drink, scuffing, oils and dirty hands. Solution: A matt wall sealant may be applied to the wall panels following installation. The sealant is used to provide an invisible protective cover to assist with cleaning and maintenance of the textured wall surface. Source: Porter Paints Matt Wall Sealant is one recommended option: Matt Wall Sealant
DUST Application: Due to the natural relief and depth of Muros Wall Panels dust can settle on the textured surface. Solution: To remove any surface dirt and dust use occasional dusting with a duster or electrostatic dusting cloth, or gently wipe panels using a damp cloth. Ensure the cloth will not leave any colour or wear down and leave lint on the panels. MARKING Application: Depending on the environment panels may be subject to spills, dirt, food and marks. Solution: Using a damp cloth gently wipe Muros Wall Panels. For stronger cleaning use a warm, weak soapy solution. DO NOT use cream cleaner, solvents or abrasive scouring pads as they may damage the panel surface. DO NOT use a water blaster as this may damage the panel finish. Where required in external environments, use light water flow from a hose to rinse panels that have been cleaned. REPAIR It is rare for repair work to be carried out on Muros Wall Panels, however this is straight-forward when required. Muros Mastic and/ or Muros Paint can be supplied to complete any remedial work in the event of significant marking or damage to wall panels.


        • Innovative design and manufacture process reproduces a natural look, colour and texture
        • Raised relief means panels are shaped and feel like original materials
        • Suitable for both interior settings and exterior* locations
        • Can be installed on beams and columns
        • Robust construction
        • Resistant to erosion
        • High resistance to changes and extremes of temperature and ultraviolet rays
        • Light and adaptable to any structure
        • Easy to handle and install
        • Removes the need for engineering reports and structural compliance
        • Average panel thickness is 5mm – 20mm (according to design)
        • Approximate weight 6kg – 8kg per m² (25kgs – 35kgs per panel-design dependant)
        • Wall and ceiling panels can be curved. The radius (panel curvature) is determined by the design of each panel. Radium range between 90° (thick relief – e.g. White Old Masonry) to 180° (thin panels with little relief – e.g. concrete)
        • Because muros panels are lightweight and flexible they are easily installed in many different places.
        • Easily drilled and cut on site
        • Can be fixed to any surface and require no building work
        • Easily installed (removal possible based on installation process)
        • Joints between panels are created seamlessly
        • No construction permits required
        • Muros Wall Panels are fire resistant. Materials are manufactured in M1 and M3 categories. M1 means products are practically inflammable (i.e. they do not give off flammable gases and have very low flame spread with minimum size and persistence).
        • M3 products contain some material with medium-rated flammability. In 2013 Muros Wall Panels will be submitted to the new Euro-Class and USA ASTM E 84 certification levels. From 2015 Muros expects panels constructed to M0 (non-combustible) certification level.
        • Muros panels contain Estireno (Polystyrene) as the only Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). The quantity of residual Estireno changes according to time passed from production.
        • Residual Estireno from manufacture to one week (4.5%)
        • Residual Estireno from manufacture to 3 months (4.0%)
        • Residual Estireno from manufacture to 6 months (3.5%)
        • Painting Muros Wall Panels can help achieve a specific look and feel or highlight a design feature or to refresh an existing setting.
        • Muros provides a Panel Painting Guide (PDF) with tested coating recommendations from Resene paints. All recommendations are for interior use only of Muros Wall Panels.
        • Depending upon installation type it is possible to remove and reuse panels (thereby extending panel life and value).
        • Feel like switching your panel to a different room? Well, its possible!
        • Achieves the same high quality finish with potential to save up to 30% on the total installed cost of original materials.
        • *Costings vary depending upon selected panel design, location, access and installation type
        • Design and manufacture processes have achieved significant recognition and accreditation including Innovative European Technology.
        • ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environment)