Since 2015 Muros has been contributing to the ‘street wear’ look for AMAZON retail store design and fit-out. The selected design – Muros Roughcast Concrete – is a fitting and timeless textured wall covering. Panel relief emulates the street appeal for youth. More importantly, it creates a concrete backdrop for AMAZON to showcase some of the world’s best youth active brands.

Whether it’s riding the wave, getting some serious air time or sliding the slopes….AMAZON (Surf Skate Snow) is high on the list of ‘sick’ places to go. Come out looking the part and ready to hit the street!

An off-shoot of the hugely successful American multinational AMAZON, the AMAZON stores in NZ partnered up with Billabong Group in 2006. Their goal to offer a specialist in-store retail experience for NZ active youth seeking a thrill ‘in style’.

Muros proudly supplies textured wall coverings to AMAZON NZ. Recent retail store fit-outs include in Palmerston North (Palmy), Dunedin (Dunners) and Mount Maunganui (the Mount!).

Not surprisingly, Muros Roughcast Concrete has been the ongoing design of choice for AMAZON due to its raw industrial edge. A truly weathered exposed concrete design it resonates ‘urban outdoors’ using an unstructured concrete form-work finish. Two large panel design options offer plenty of variation in relief to achieve an authentic concrete textured wall covering. The natural concrete design comes complete with cracks, wide timber form lines, patches, air-pockets and stony aggregate seams.

With 23 locations across the country and a high-end e-commerce option, the AMAZON brand is a leading New Zealand street and beach inspired retail chain – offering both an exceptional online retail and in-store experience. Between being stuck in lockdown one minute and frantic to get to the shops the next, both purchase options give Amazon customers a strong proposition to satisfy in our ever changing world.

Staples like Adidas and Converse, and ultra cool brands like Huffer, Stussy, Vans and Illabb are set against Muros textured wall coverings – helping to bring them to life. Footwear Apparel and Denim has fast become a constant ‘FAD’, like Muros textured wall coverings that have stood the test of time. Where better then, for the keen Surfer Skater Skier to ride the urban ‘roughcast concrete’ wave than in an AMAZON store!