Turbo-charging one of the country’s hottest product launches calls for out-of-the-box thinking and audacious, next level style. A product as exciting and edgy as the new BMW 4 Series Coupé deserves an introduction to match. Muros was delighted to be integral in helping deliver this striking installation for BMW in conjunction with Lux Productions.

Event attendees at Auckland’s Viaduct were immediately transported to the heart of old Europe, immersed in a provocative red-light district setting that was the next best thing to being there. Lightweight and quick to install, and just as fast to uninstall in a temporary location such as a promotional pop-up, Muros Wall Panels are the perfect choice for decorative cladding that bring personality, realness and unique style to every setting.

One of Europe’s sexiest cities, Amsterdam, was deemed a fitting setting for this sleek, stunning vehicle. Attendees to this one-of-a-kind pop-up were invited to enter the ambience of the Amsterdam red-light district, where an authentic street scene awaited them. There, the distinctive new BMW was ‘on display’ in a brick shop-front window, set off by seductive red lighting to underscore a sophisticated, sultry vibe. BMW New Zealand’s Head of Marketing Gabrielle Byfield notes, “Provocative design deserves a provocative launch.” The pop-up cemented the Amsterdam experience with iconic flower beds and bicycle props lit by ambient street lamps.

The head-turning installation was achieved with the use of lightweight cladding by Muros. Muros Burnt Red Loft Brick wall panels were selected to recreate a realistic warehouse brick finish. Far from a cookie-cutter design, the faux brick cladding is detailed with nicks, chips, cracks and elements of natural wear and aging found in established brick walls. Brick rows alternate between full and half bricks, adding variation.

The project demonstrated the versatility, usability and authenticity of Muros Wall Panels. With lightweight application, the easy-to-apply wall panels fit a multitude of uses, and are suitable for both interior and exterior. Lightweight to handle and quick to install, Muros adds an aesthetic that nails the essence of the brief every time. Whether it is ‘New York loft’, ‘London brick’ or ‘old Europe’, there are eight different colour palettes to bring warmth and character to any brick veneer.

Recreating the red-light district
When you’re reconstructing the streets of one of Europe’s most visited capitals, to showcase one of Europe’s best car brands, you have to get it right! Handmade on the continent from moulds taken off real-life textured walls, Muros lightweight brick cladding offers a natural aged rustic appearance, containing subtle imperfections and colour variations.

To bring Amsterdam to Auckland, Burnt Red Loft Brick wall panels were cut to size and then fitted onto a container to create an original-looking building and street frontage. Clever use of illumination was designed to bounce off and highlight the brick texture. Not only engaging to look at, these wall panels introduce an all-important textural element which enhances the overall look and feel of any project, home or commercial application.

Recreating a ‘genuine’ shop-front and walls is a cinch with Muros; the thin and lightweight decorative cladding is designed to be easily cut to size for fixing onto multiple areas including around windows and doors. With many other profiles and finishes in the wall panel range, they can be personalised to create designs that replicate concrete form-work, traditional stone, rustic wood, contemporary 3D styles, and of course, aged brick.