Shoppers and visitors alike are being wowed by the striking, modern entrance to the brand-new Farmers Department Store at New Zealand’s largest mall, Sylvia Park. And it’s all thanks to Magnolia 3D Wall Panels by Muros, which create a stunning and fresh exterior backdrop designed to showcase the iconic Farmers logo. This is 3D wall art that brings new meaning to wall tiles.

Well-loved New Zealand brand Farmers is the largest of fifty new local and international stores occupying the sophisticated upstairs Galleria, part of a $277 million dollar expansion by Kiwi Property Group that opened on 15th October 2020. Following the challenges of Covid-19, the development is seen as an important milestone for Aotearoa’s retail sector and highlights Sylvia Park’s resilience, strength of retailers’ confidence in the centre and consumers’ love of the mall.

With such a significant anchor tenant occupying 8,000 square metres over two floors, it was imperative that the Farmers store stood out, and delivered that all-important first impression. Buchan Group didn’t hesitate to specify Muros Magnolia 3D Panels for Farmers flagshipstore-front signage.

Magnolia Panels by Muros are an exciting new modular 3D wall tile system designed to create dynamic and contemporary spaces with ease. Wave walls or block patterned textures allow you to truly create three dimensional wall art in five geometric designs -Martinique, Sumatra, Java, Komodo and Thailand. Muros 3D ‘Thailand’ panels, selected for Farmers, is a design that bears a resemblance to the profiles of the pagodas, the famous Buddhist temples characteristic of South East Asia. With its regular and constant forms, it exudes the same calm and tranquillity, ideal to put shoppers at ease.

Constructed of durable SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound), Magnolia is easy to handle and resistant to water and thermal expansion. The versatile 3D panels can be painted, used both indoors and outdoors, and are precision-manufactured to achieve a perfect fit and sharp finish.

Lightweight and durable, the 3D wall panels are ideal for elevated use such as shop fronts and walls – offering striking symmetry and ultra-modern designs. The Thailand block design in ‘Jasmine Rice’ (pure white) selected for the Farmers store serves as a focal point for the exterior, adding a creative textural element to showcase the iconic purple and orange logo, without detracting from it. Coupled with a stylish interior fit-out also completed to a high standard by Apex Interiors, the entire department store is designed to welcome you time and time again.

Sylvia Park is home to more than 200 retailers, including H&M and Zara, and attracts more than 14 million visitors every year. According to a Nielsen survey, Sylvia Park is New Zealand’s favourite shopping centre and is swiftly becoming a destination in its own right. Here’s hoping every single one of those visitors gets to admire and enjoy our eye-catching Muros Magnolia 3D Wall Panels.