Backing our client brands is the theme for this update. While a global pandemic is certainly still throwing curve balls, we are committed to helping our clients – existing and new – to build their brands and projects. The focus is on being agile and adaptable, by creating ‘tactile customer experiences’ with interior wall panels. The goals… delight the visual senses for retail fit-outs and promote sales.

The corona virus pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders resulted in a significant rise in online shopping. It has forced many retailers to develop their online offerings at a much faster pace than planned. This dynamic has in turn challenged the need for physical stores, and how they operate.

While buying online may be the most convenient (and safest) approach for now, “the client experience in a retail store cannot be matched online” according to Jean Jacques Guiony, the CFO at LVMH. Enter the concept of Experiential Retail. The optimum mix for emotive purchases relies on both drawing in crowds and then enriching the experience with online content. As a result, for those offering strong and tactile brands – where look, feel, colour, smell and quality are important – the online offering should be “a complement to the physical and emotional experience.”

Building an inviting ‘look and feel’ with clever design using Muros interior wall panels has been proven to unlock the value of space and build brand value. Whether it’s a one-off retail fit-out or nationwide roll out, Muros Wall Panels have successfully contributed to fit-outs in retail, hospitality and workspaces for over a decade. Now is a good time to share our stories and get in behind supporting our brands! 

Muros has long worked with leading national and international brands. Supplying and installing interior wall panels (or exterior wall cladding) for retail fit-outs with a design difference and competitive edge. Our aim at Muros is to make the design and fit-out process easy, support the brand and have a positive impact on return on investment – the highly sought ROI!

For example, brands such as Apple, Body Shop, Burger King, Colliers, Icebreaker, Lion, Panasonic, Radisson, Samsung and Stirling Sports. Closer to home, we are pleased to have supplied our local favourites…St Pierre’s Sushi, Coffee Culture, Synergy Hair, Lone Star, Hallenstein Brothers, Gloria Jeans, Countdown, Harvey Norman, Franklin Plumbing and many more.

From high profile global names like The Body Shop to our well known Kiwi brands, such as Farmers, Muros has been proud to support their growth. As the dust settles on a global pandemic, businesses are adjusting to their current challenges with innovation, passion and no doubt plenty of blood, sweat and tears! The result will be enhanced ‘in store’ experiences for customers, repositioning, reinvigorating digital platforms, improving productivity and finding new engines of growth – all set to build brands into better versions of themselves.

For spaces that need regular updating – hospitality, entertainment and retail stores – Muros interior wall panels are a smart and affordable solution for refurbishment projects. Muros helps spaces to stay fresh with a clear and consistent brand. Brand launches and retail fit-outs can be achieved quickly and consistently, and across multiple locations. Should you wish to change the look in the future, panels are easily paintable.

Product supply and project management are critical to meeting fit-out deadlines and official openings. Muros specialises in the following fit-out activities:

  • Accurate calculation of wall panels required, provide comprehensive quotes, arrange timely order fulfillment and offer installation support (or experienced Muros installers).
  • Our interior wall panels can be used to enhance feature walls, ceilings, pillars, soffits, bulkheads and facades. Made from proven materials that are resistant to fire, water, corrosion and UV, the panels are light, flexible and highly durable. Best of all, our interior wall panels look exactly like natural materials – concrete, brick, wood, stone, masonry or rock.