Restaurant interior fit-outs demand maximum visual impact, but they need to be achievable within often tight budgets and parameters. They also call for surfaces that can withstand heavy foot traffic and be easily maintained. Above all, for a positive ROI and customer experience they need to create a theme or story to capture all the senses of the customer, not only their taste buds. Muros wooden railway sleepers and faux rock textures are proven to ‘fit the bill’ for hospitality projects.

Claw Mountain on Auckland’s North Shore tells such a story. It’s one of a new American fusion restaurant set in a rustic North American style mountain vibe. The vision was to identify with its unique American seafood cuisine spiced up with a Creole/Kiwi twist.

The Muros range includes rock panels and wooden railway sleepers paneling in earthy tones to complement the restaurant’s wild mountain overtones. Muros worked closely with the owners and interior designers, Alba Interiors, to bring their vision to life. Muros Wall Panels offered maximum flexibility with the freedom to be creative.

Two decorative wall panel designs were selected. First, Muros Ash Wooden Sleepers, a faux panel that offers an old wooden railway sleepers texture to line the main walls. And second, Muros Black Rock, a faux stone panel with raw seams and irregular crevices to create a feature wall. The aged railway sleepers grain replicated a rugged mountain cabin appeal in an urban-chic modern setting. While the natural rock was added to depict a creative backlit mountain range, aimed to look jagged yet defined.

Black Rock for Restaurant

The resulting hospitality refurbishment is visibly striking. In addition, it makes way to temper its bold wall paneling with classy steel wall accents and sleek interior design finishes to tell its story.

Muros Wall Panels have been contributing to restaurant fit-outs around the world for over 25 years. For instance, providing faux finishes for ceilings, beams, columns and along the top of booth seating for guests.

Hospitality interiors can be challenging because they come with many demands: high style, durability, low maintenance and affordability. Muros textured faux wall panels fulfill every one of these requirements. What’s more, they can be repainted and updated when the establishment eventually needs a refresh. In the hospitality world, the ability to makeover an existing interior quickly can decide the difference between success and failure.

Installing Muros Wall Panels at Claw Mountain was straightforward. Because the panels are lightweight – far lighter than actual wooden sleepers and rock – handling and transportation were easy. Once on site, the thin and flexible veneer wall panels were cut to fit each location, then screwed into place. Having correctly applied the installation materials, joins between the panels were invisible, giving the impression of a seamless faux wall.

Muros Black Rock wall paneling looks real enough to climb. Alba interiors designers used it to create interesting graphic detail and a sophisticated mood.

Muros Ash Wooden Sleepers wall panels have the texture of old railway sleepers, complete with deep aged wood grain, knots and weathered imperfections.

More than 100 designs and colours are available in the Muros collection, including concrete, brick, wood, stone and contemporary 3D.