Te Puna o Waiwhetū

Christchurch Art Gallery

Emerging strongly from the devastating 2011 earthquake Christchurch City takes every opportunity to demonstrate its spirit and creativity. Muros stands proudly with Canterbury. Contributing significantly to rebuild projects requiring strong, lightweight and authentic natural decorative wall panels, such as loft brick and form-work concrete.

Te Puna o Waiwhetū is located in Christchurch central city. It is a striking new building that houses one of New Zealand’s most important collections of public art.

In 2018 a collaborative project was commissioned between New York-based New Zealander Jess Johnson and Simon Ward, who lives in Wellington. Their task was to bring to life the Bunker building situated on the main entrance forecourt of the Gallery with a captivating wall facade.


Burnt red loft brick for Art Gallery

As a result they produced detailed drawings of an imaginary world based on an early-days video arcade game. It featured 3D animated scenes and creatures from a medieval fantasy game. Therefore to bring the design to life a vinyl adhesive was applied to the bunker, and Muros Burnt Red Loft Brick wall paneling affixed as the ‘foreground’ faux brick. In addition the ‘shadow effect’ was printed on the vinyl sections alongside the fake brick exterior cladding.


Burnt red loft brick for commercial institution exterior

The project was perfect for Muros Wall Panels to demonstrate its versatility and durability. To take dream to reality. Therefore decision-making by the commissioned designers and Gallery exhibition designer was made based on local relevant reference sites featuring Muros and supplied sample panels and panel image files.

Muros was selected for its lightweight fake brick panels and authentic 3D wall finish. Furthermore, the ability to install Muros externally (faux panels provide a decorative feature only over water-tight substrate) and for panels to be cut precisely – creating a staggered/ stepped brick wall effect – were important requirements.

Art for art’s sake? And a beacon to the resilience and positive attitude of Christchurch.