Following strong client interest and enquiry, ‘Rust’ has been introduced as a new colour option for the main three Muros concrete styles.

The new ‘Rust’ finish features layered colours – Grey, Dark Brown, Ochre – to create an oxidized and ‘corroded’ concrete texture. Click here to view panel information for ‘Rust’ concrete designs.

Sample panels for Muros Rust Roughcast Concrete and Muros Rust Concrete Boards are now available. Full panels in the three Muros concrete styles can also be specified now for projects.

PANEL DESIGN: Muros Rust Roughcast Concrete

Muros Rust Roughcast Concrete Look

PANEL DESIGN: Muros Rust Concrete Boards

Muros Rust Concrete Boards Coloruway

PANEL DESIGN: Muros Rust Polished Concrete

Muros Rust Polished Concrete Coloruway

Muros Wall Panels are regularly repainted to achieve a desired colour, finish or brand brief. Popular colours include black, white and charcoal. Thousands of wall panels have been successfully repainted or crafted using a variety of techniques and paint brand/ types.

The majority of repainting takes place following wall panel installation. Painters are normally on-site already during significant fit-outs. Painting Muros Wall Panels is best achieved using a HPLV (High Volume Low Volume) over-spray or use of a soft roller (the latter being the most common form of repainting). Creative finishes are usually completed by signwriters, set designers or painters.

Normal painting guidelines apply, with the Muros installation process to be completed and surface to be free of oils and dust prior to painting.

Muros is always interested in client feedback and design ideas. Please feel free to let us know what you think will work well for your next project. New wall panel designs are regularly introduced to meet latest market trends and fashions.